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The Ebony Creek Manor [entries|friends|calendar]
Adriana Huffle

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... [09 May 2007|11:14pm]
[ mood | okay ]

I will be in London, England next year for University. Everyone seems much more excited it about it then me. I think I'm just freaking out because I don't have my residence sorted out yet, and I have absolutely no idea what I'm getting into. Gah!! But then again the whole thing is pretty exciting!

Classics Conference was undeniably AMAZING! I'm going through post-conference depression though. Not to mention, I really wanted my computer project to win as I practically didn't sleep for 4 days because I was coding it. Can you believe I got second for the third year in a row? What does one need to do to get first, anyways? Nevertheless, I was the only 'girl' to actually place in computer presentations and I beat out 13 other people so I figure that is something of an accomplishment.

I really only planned for this update to be one sentence, I think it's now reach rant classification.

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Today I'm sick [15 Nov 2006|02:33pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Text Messages I got today:

"I feel 40 kinds of sadness when your gone" -boyfriend

"I hate school my friends won't talk to me" -sister

How does one even attempt to reply to these?

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Latin Derivative Skit [30 Oct 2006|11:36pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

I think myself clever for creating a rather complex metaphor out of Latin derivatives, whether I am ideed clever or just seemingly so is yet to be revealed.

"Our love is no more amity then a sword is hastate"

I'd translate this statement of mine as 'Our love is no more friendship then a sword is spear shaped' but I might be incorrect.

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Something I clearly took from someone else's LJ [29 Oct 2006|11:23pm]
[ mood | happy ]

LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

I feel unique.
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Addition? [23 Oct 2006|11:39pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I just want to write this down so I shan't forget it, though I haven't forgotten it yet and it's been about a month or so. Nevertheless I shall share it. (:

Officially the best line in Tsubasa (Tsubasa Chronicle, an anime by CLAMP for those that are unfamiliar with it) is:

"Fai-san has pretty blue eyes like sapphires and Kuro-rin has red eyes like a bunny."

I can't decide whether the person who came up with that line was a genius, trying to create some kind of comic relief from the rather dull plot going on during that arc, or completely asleep/high/inebriated/driven isane from listening to too many Tommy february6 songs or what; nevertheless it's a great line despite how it came into existence.

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Return of the Computer [23 Oct 2006|11:14pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

I have my computer back as of this weekend, which is really exciting. I don't understand how I managed without it for such a long time, a week that is. ^^

On another note I plan to go to the Anime North Halloween Dance at the JCCC (Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre) on friday and I'm lacking a costume. So I must quickly come up with some kind of idea that is plausible. I suppose if worse came to worse I could just wear my Hakama and Keiko-gi which does look pretty spiffy if you don't do kendo or other japanese martial arts.

Nothing happened of any interest today, absolutely nothing at all.

Unless of course you count the incident at 2:00am, where I was up reading and a giant centipede (which occupy the darkest corners and cracks of my house) crawled across my bed sheet right over top of me. I think I had something of a minor heart attack and screamed as loud as I possibly could. No one heard me after 5 minutes (something very reassuring to me [not!] if I ever actually needed help 0_0) in the end I jumped from the bed and ran and woke up my Dad, who managed after a couple of minutes searching to kill the pest. I didn't sleep very well, as I kept coming back to the fact that what if my lights had been off and I hadn't noticed. It's gosh darn creepy to think about what's going one while you're sleeping. For all I know centipedes could be having a free for all crawling around my room, on my bed, in my hair...

Okay I'll stop now too much information. (:

Sleep well y'all. ^^

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I have a last period spare and I'm still here [19 Oct 2006|01:54pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Somehow I haven't the slightest idea why I'm sitting here in the library updating my LJ when I haven't updated in months and I have a last period spare and can easily go home.

Maybe I'm just silly or far too lazy to force myself to edge away from the computer.

Either way I'm still here and the sentences seems to keep appearing on this page as if I actually have something to say. That I find quite ironic, as when it comes down to it I'm not saying anything at all but rather using as many little filler words strung together as possible to create a long strand of inconsequential uselessness that has a lack of purpose and inspiration. On a positive note, I have a remarkable word count considering I have diluted everything in this entry till it exists in such a small proportion that in fact the title is the only informative thing about this entire entry. Though that could be open to opinion if you care to debate that in fact writing about 'not writing anything' is in fact 'writing about something' as 'nothing could in fact be something'.

Okay I'm leaving, this is getting ridiculous. (:

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Summer, Troy, Shopping and Chinese! [20 Jun 2006|01:30am]
[ mood | enthralled ]

Well, it's only been over six months since I updated. Not too long really (: And It's Summer Holidays for me at least!

Anyways I'm in good old London Ontario visiting my Grandparents while the parents are off in China shoveling in rice, climbing the great wall and hitting four cities and Shanghai twice in ten days. Needless to say I'm rather jealous, though I suppose I have nothing to complain about as I'll be leaving on my credit course to Greece and Italy in only a few weeks.

On that note though I have to complete the novel Song of Troy which even though I am quite enthralled when it comes to reading about Troy and the classics find myself intimidated by the fact that I'm read only 22 pages of it. The dilemma is of course that I need to complete it by Thursday in order to submit my first homework assignment for the course and it's about 500 pages of complex names and useless plot filler. I can only hope they get to the...

Judgment of Paris. Paris-chooses-Aphrodite-who-promises-him-Helen. Paris-Takes-Helen-from-Menelaus-of-Sparta. Sparta declares-war-to-retrieve-Helen. Sparta-and-Troy-fight-for-nine-years. Until Hector-kills-Patroclus-then-Achilles-kills-Hector-Paris-kills-Achilles-by-hitting-him-with-an-arrow-in-his-heel.

Today I went shopping, something with I utterly loathe. Despite that I managed to have a pretty decent time, and actually bought numerous tops, which I know I'll make use of. Of course though the day was not complete without some, always excellent, Man-chu-wok chinese food (not quite like the real stuff my parents are eating). I noted they were very busy this afternoon. I couldn't be certain if people were attracted to the food, or the many dangling signs with the catch phrase "Hungry? Wok this way!". I must say I found these to be quite amusing. I was almost as amused as my sister, when I stupidly dropped my tray into the garbage along, with the remnants of my chinese feast, and had to fish around for a while amongst the gross assortment of other peoples lunches, until I'd retrieved it. A very pleasant experience. Not!

Tomorrow I'm going to go pull weeds out of my aunts garden, I'm excited...actually, I haven't gardened forever. I might though end up collapsed on the lawn dying of hay fever, as I'm too lazy to do anything about the allergies I seem to have to everything during this time. ^^

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Snowsqualls?! [24 Nov 2005|06:26pm]
[ mood | Hee! ]

Is that not a really odd word?


Not something one generally hears everday. The definition though is not nearly as cool, therefore I will leave you to look it up. (:

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Snow! Already! [24 Nov 2005|06:10pm]
[ mood | erf ]

I refuse to believe it! It's only November 24th and already we are having heavy snowfall. Currently about 8cm, as I just went outside a measured. It better not continue to snow, or this year might pass very slowly.

Current Conditions in Toronto from The Weather Network:
Thursday November 24 2005, 17:00 EST

Overcast. Light flurries. FEELS LIKE -18°C
WIND SW 28 km/h
GUSTS 39 km/h
PRESSURE 99.98 kPa
CEILING 800 ft

Not cool! Way too cold and too much snow for this early in the season. I can't even imagine how those people living further north are suffering. Unless, of course, you're a skier and are thrilled about being able to start the ski season.

Oh and that Greek Test, didn't go so great...we're writing a retest next week ^^

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Greek Test [23 Nov 2005|11:49pm]
[ mood | awake ]

So, I have this rather intense ancient Greek test in 18 hours! Which seems like a lot of time, but I really do want to sleep because honestly I don't even have time to eat my lunch these days. When will the madness stop...

Even if I fail the test at least I can still say I'm in the "second year Greek course" which seems to impress people. Just No one reply in ancient greek and make me feel useless.

I actually did something mildly social last weekend! Yay! That is if you consider watching Harry Potter a few times social...

Most, okay all of my free time this month has been spent watching anime. And dear God, I have watched insane amounts of it...

and gone to Kendo which I might have mentioned I started in September. At least it's something you can't really slack off in. The sensei's tend to be very strict, well generally. But the little kids never cease to amuse me. Sensei says at least five times every class "Don't drop your shinai!!" yet the kids are constantly doing it. And they never listen to instructions, causing mass confusion in the class, which is completely wrecks the intense order they are always trying to keep.(:

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English [02 Oct 2005|10:28pm]
[ mood | erf ]

I officially need two sentence to end my absolutely horrible english response that I hope/am praying that will not be marked tomorrow. It's not like the instructions were very clear anyways. Take #3 for example I have written down "What you connect to (describe) experience reading?" I assuming that means describe what you felt when reading that chapter and how you connected to it. *shrug* at least Marquez is slightly interesting to study.

Why on earth is english a spelling mistake?

Anyways my entries are so dull. I'll strive to make them readable in the future. It's a shame my life is particularly dull.

Oh and I haven't talk to anyone who doesn't live in my country on msn for basically a month. It's so sad. You people who I haven't talked to in eons need to remind me to go on msn at completely ridiculous times so I can catch you timezone and talk to you.

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Gah! [28 Sep 2005|08:53am]
[ mood | frantic!!! ]

I can't believe it. I just missed the bus. Gah! I am supposed to be on a bus right now going my my university visit day trip to University of Guelph, but no. I obviously wasn't listening to anouncements when they told us that the "BUS LEAVES AT 8:00". Somehow I got "meet at 8:30 the bus leaves a 9:00". Noo. Now I have to wait an hour or so until my mum can drive me there. By then I'll have missed half of the trip...

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Audley... [10 Aug 2005|09:08pm]
[ mood | amused ]


Believe it or not this is a street name in South AfricaCollapse )
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Week Two at School ^.^ [02 Aug 2005|08:10am]
[ mood | bored ]

I have five free's tommorow at this crazy school. What am I to do with myself?
But school aside, South Africa rocks toesocks!

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South Africa: Left for 8 hours then down for 9 [25 Jul 2005|05:46pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

This entry is to be expected, I've only been meaning to write it for a week.

I'm just going to divide it into nice organized sections so it's easy to read. Well… and easy to ignore, if you choose not to follow my adventures, though I can't see why you wouldn't I haven't posted anything since April after all. ^^

South Africa, well, Durban, South Africa is completely different from Canada. It's not that I didn't expect it to be or anything it was more the fact that it kind of just shocked me a bit.

Here's a quick list of differences...Collapse )

Scratch the nice organized sections bit, I'm not going to write the pile of stuff I was originally going to write. Though I will post some more South Africa stuff in the next few days. But I have pictures!! [Clicky to see the pictures.]

Week one in South AfricaCollapse )

I bought Harry Potter in Johannesburg so I've obviously read it, eons ago it seems now. I will comment on it I just don't have the energy to do so now. Waking up at 6:00 is tiring... Though I will provide this amusing picture of me at the Frankfurt Airport wearing my Hufflepuff robe and some of my Harry Potter collection. [Clicky to see the picture.]

For the Love of Harry...Collapse )

T-shirt Design I made for the trip. Take a Peek:

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If Only I Understood Why Kyoto is Actually Good for the Economy? (: [20 Apr 2005|03:50pm]
[ mood | calm ]

They need more fans in the Art rooms, since the windows are not designed to let any air in whatsoever. I hate to think what the summer will be like.

::It does get hot in the summer, actually, It's not cold here all year round(:

I find all presentations on Global Warming, in particular the one we had today for earth week, to be terribly optimistic... Collapse )

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Classics Conference [10 Apr 2005|12:06pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I spent yesterday at school, sawing at wood, building a chariot for the Classics Conference which is about a month away. According to the Classics/Latin/Greek teacher when you go into home depot and tell someone your've building a chariot then get very excited (: Right now we have a design and we have cut the bottom and the 2x4's as well as the copper piping for the handle. We just need to cut the outside bits and glue and nail it together, then paint it and put on the wheels. ^_^

It's been quite a different experience then last year. We've actually been working like crazy to complete and start some of the projects we need to do. I haven't even started studying and I have a massive independent project that's going to take 40+ hours of computer work to finish. Oh and I'm now Narrator for the Fashion Show, little did I know until I had signed up that I'm the only one talking.

I just hope I'll get to be head of Multicultural next year, then hopefully Classics in GY when we host!

Erf. Convoys in WWII. Why am I not doing the Gustloff?

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In Print! [16 Mar 2005|08:54pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Well, quite a few of you may have been jumped upon by me today, or will be tomorrow as I was/am (still) very excited about my letter to the editor being published in a widely read newsmagazine. As I'm sure you can guess, I'm practically skipping even as I'm typing this and resisting myself from using exclamation marks after every sentence.

In case anyone is interested, I wrote to them for civics class (: in response to an article about Canada and it's decision to not participate in the missile defense, program:

Here is what I wroteCollapse )

Scan of the Published Version

So they shortened it a bit ^_^ okay, a lot, but still I'm pleased.

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I can't believe I almost forgot [09 Feb 2005|09:53pm]
[ mood | content ]

Today is coincidentally both Chinese New Year and Ash Wednesday ,which signifies the start of Lent.

So--I made these!

Chinese New Year!


Ash Wednesday!

Just want to say Happy New Year to those celebrating today and Good Luck to those who have started or are planning on giving up something for Lent.

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